Four New Products Of Guofeng Plastic Industry Passed The Appraisal

PublishTime: 2019-02-18 09:14:32

On November 29th, in order to appraise our own developed four products: “BOPET Film for Metal compound”, “High Adhesion BOPP Metallized Base Film”, “BOPP Matte Film For Transfer Coating”,“No-primer BOPP Matte Base Film”, our company GUOFENG had orgainzed a new products evaluation meeting. The experts at meeting confirmed the advanced technology in these products, and considered it belongs to advanced level in China.

In 2018, the technology R&D department actively changed the research and development ideas, fully realized that the new product research and development includes the whole process from new product research to application promotion, changing the situation that the former R&D personnel mainly developed and researched in the company, the market information is not fully understood, and actively Strengthened integration with the market, developed BOPET Film for Metal compoundHigh Adhesion BOPP Metallized Base FilmBOPP Matte Film for Transfer Coating and No-primer BOPP Matte Base Film. The new products have mastered the core technology and are closer to the market demand. At present, orders have been received, especially the No-primer BOPP base film for thermal lamination has been successfully exported to Brazil. The successful development of new products further promotes the company's product structure adjustment and will create good economic benefits for the company. 

BOPP Thermal Lamination Film.png