How to ensure the thermal lamination film temperature is consistent in the work

PublishTime: 2019-05-30 19:17:58

When using the thermal lamination film, in order to ensure the effect of the film, it is generally necessary to keep the film temperature consistent during the working process, so that the filming effect will be good. So, how to ensure that the thermal lamination film has the same film temperature during work?


1. Use electronic, mercury column thermometer, etc., measure the temperature of different positions on the surface of the heating drum, pay attention to the temperature difference between the parts of the heating drum surface and the temperature difference displayed by the meter. By moderate adjustment, the lower limit and upper limit of the actual temperature are controlled within the specification data.


2. As far as possible, the electric heating, air and heating roller conduction structure of the heating roller are transformed into electric heating, heat conducting oil and heating roller conduction structure. Relying on the characteristics of the heat transfer oil medium, the temperature of the heating drum is kept constant.


3. Reasonable design and control of machine speed to ensure that the composite material has proper passage time at the hot press working interface. The heat energy conducted by the heating roller is effectively absorbed in the working interface area.


4. As far as possible, adjust the entry angle of the thermal lamination film and the thermocompression bonding mechanism to 45°, increase the contact area between the thermal lamination film and the heating roller, and prolong the heat conduction time. Ensure that the hot melt gel is fully melted. The important sign that the colloid is fully melted is transparency, which is the most intuitive and convenient method of inspection.