Production line retrofit surface inspection machine

PublishTime: 2019-12-10 18:21:00

Recently, in order to continuously improve product quality, our company has spent a huge amount of money to import a set of film quality inspection equipment from the United States. The device's intelligent classification engine can accurately classify based on extremely small differences in defect categories. By using hundreds of extracted specialties, combined with unique image processing technology, the classification engine can be easily trained and reliable classification of different defects detected can be achieved. The advanced defect classification function has greatly enhanced product classification, process improvement and overall quality control.

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The device mainly consists of a camera, a light source and software. The main features are intelligent classification, SQL database, automatic archiving, trend analysis, defect density analysis, coil grading, and remote access. And this surface inspection machine is suit for all sort of our BOPP or PET thermal lamination films.

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We always believe that customers' strict requirements on product quality are also our mission, and we will create the greatest benefits for each customer. Provide our best products.