The Future Prospect Of China's Thermal Lamination Film Market

PublishTime: 2019-06-10 19:09:35

At present, there are more than 100 various coating production lines in China, with an annual output of nearly 500,000 tons of thermal lamination film. The domestic product is thinner and the EVA coating is more than 200,000 tons.


There is still a huge gap between the use of domestic thermal lamination film and Europe and the United States. Now the proportion of thermal lamination film in the film market is less than 30%, and there is still huge room for development; and in the context of China becoming a manufacturing power, the product The market demand for packaging materials is increasing; with the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, the packaging quality requirements of products are becoming more and more sophisticated, the number of thermal lamination films will be more and more, and the thermal lamination film market will become larger and larger. Subsequent processing of coatings is becoming more and more complicated, and some simple peritoneal processes will be eliminated. At the same time, the demand for thermal lamination films is increasing, and the market share in the laminating market will become higher and higher.

Recently, China's thermal lamination film market has begun to develop in a new direction. Professionals estimate mainly in three directions: The first development trend is the development of digital printing and laminating technology. Due to the birth of digital technology, thermal lamination films began to serve the digital printing industry; this is a coating technology that is not currently available in general laminating processes.

The second trend in the thermal lamination film market is the emergence of special thermal lamination films; special thermal lamination films require higher adhesion and can adapt to more changes in printed materials, making the printed materials more beautiful after being covered. At the same time, there is more room for development of subsequent processing.

There is also a development trend in the thermal lamination film market. thermal lamination film has already stepped out of the field of packaging. It has begun to apply a wide range of new thermal lamination films in the field of building insulation - metal thermal lamination film, aluminized thermal lamination film, such as It is used properly and has the functions of heat preservation, radiation resistance, fire prevention and waterproof. Ink cats consumables manufacturing experts are also friendly to the majority of competitors, in the process of manufacturing thermal lamination film, we can carry out special treatment, so that it can be waterproof, more insulation, can resist radiation, but also reduce fire hazards. If this product goes on the market, it will be very promising in the Chinese construction market.