What Are The Advantages Of thermal Laminating Film

PublishTime: 2019-03-15 16:49:53

What Are The Advantages Of thermal Laminating Film?

1. Environmental friendly

Compared with the instant coating film, the thermal lamination film coating process does not contain volatile harmful substances, no harm to the operator, no pollution to the workshop environment, and no fire hazard. In addition, lamination film coated products are easy to recycle, and paper and film separation can be easily achieved, and instant coating film printed products are difficult to recycle. As a result, some countries have achieved 100% application of thermal lamination films.


2. Easy to operate
There is no need to prepare glue before production, no need to adjust the amount of glue in the production process, no need to dry the adhesive, and it is not necessary to carry out the cleaning work after the work is finished, which greatly shortens the working time. Therefore, for different laminating equipment, at most 2 to 3 operators are configured, which reduces the human resource cost of the enterprise.


3. Reliable quality
The structural form is based on BOPP, on which EVA is uniformly sprayed. Compared with the instant coating type glue, the hot melt adhesive has the advantages of good leveling property in the molten state, strong ability to diffuse into the ink and paper, and strong melting ability. Therefore, the printed product not only has high color reproduction degree and strong bonding force, but also does not need to perform powder removing operation before compounding, thereby effectively preventing the phenomenon that the printed matter is blistered or stripped after die-cutting and embossing.


4. Energy saving
Since there is no need to dry, the power of the domestic automatic thermal laminating machine is generally in the range of 15-20 kW, the semi-automatic power is basically between 5 and 10 kW, and the instant coating automatic laminator power is between 50 and 75 kW. The power of the bridge-type instant coating semi-automatic laminator is also as high as 25 kW.

Therefore, the power consumption of the thermal laminator is at most 1/3 to 1/2 of that of the instant coating laminator.


5. Post processing flexible
Since the thermal lamination film and the paper are firmly bonded, the process of glazing, hot stamping, screen printing, sanding, etc. can be performed after the film coating, which is very flexible.


6. More suitable for gold, silver and other special color prints.
The thermal lamination film is not only suitable for the coating of dark solid printed matter, but also because the hot melt adhesive does not react with components such as copper and aluminum contained in gold and silver cardboard and gold and silver inks. Therefore, the process has an incomparable advantage for this type of printing product in the instant coating process.