What Are The Components Of Laminating Machine

PublishTime: 2019-05-05 18:24:10

The laminating machine is mainly composed of a feeding mechanism, a composite device, a winding mechanism, a printed matter input device and a control system. The thermal laminating machine has no drying device and coating mechanism as compared with the dry laminator.

1. Inlet mechanism:

The laminating machine is mainly composed of a plastic film support frame and a film tension control system. The film roll is placed on the support frame of the feed mechanism and supported by the film feed shaft. The lamination film must maintain a constant tension during the work process. If the tension is too large or too small, the film quality will be affected.

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2. composite device:

The composite device of the laminating machine is mainly composed of a hot pressing roller, a rubber pressing roller and a pressure adjusting mechanism. The hot pressing roller is a hollow steel roller with chrome plating on the surface and a heating and temperature regulating device. Under normal circumstances, the far infrared quartz tube can be used to meet the process requirements. The hot pressing roller is equipped with an aluminum alloy bushing to ensure the temperature of the surface of the hot pressing roller is balanced. The surface of the rubber pressure roller is rubberized, and the rubber should be smooth, smooth and heat resistant. The hot press roll is a hard roll, the rubber roll is a soft roll, and the soft and hard roll phase pressure makes the film pressure uniform and the film quality is good. Pressure regulating mechanisms commonly use hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms, and some laminating machines use mechanical mechanisms to regulate pressure.

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3.  Winding mechanism and printed matter input device:

The working principle of the thermal lamination film laminating machine winding mechanism and the print input device is basically the same as that of the dry laminating machine.

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4. Control system:

The control system of the laminating machine mainly controls the heating system of the feeding, winding, driving of the composite device, the shifting speed and the hot pressing roller. The electric control device is installed in the control cabinet. Various control buttons are installed on the panel of the control cabinet. The display instrument is also installed on the panel to control the whole machine and display the working data.

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